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Dear school leavers,

The DHERST wishes to advise you that the grace period commences on the 12th Dec 2022 at 10:25 pm and will conclude on the 15th Dec 2022 at 11:59 pm. All the school leavers are kindly advised to access your NOAS accounts within the dates mentioned to check whether or not you are still eligible for the choices you have indicated.

In your NOAS account, if you see no colours (not even green) indicated means that you have met the minimum programme requirements set by the institution. On the contrary, should you not meet one or more parts of the programme requirement set by the institution, red colour will be indicated on one or more of your choices. Those choices in red must be changed to different programmes that are available to you in your programme list.

If you have very few (2 or 3) programmes, you may only indicate the available programmes as your choices; clear out the red ones and save your choices. If you note that all your choices are red and you have no programmes listed at all, you may leave those choices in your account and wait for the selections to be launched.  

Furthermore, if you wish to rearrange the order of your choices during the grace period, you can certainly do that. Otherwise, if you are happy with your original order of your choices you may leave them as they are.

NOTE: Always click on the green save button every time you make changes to your choices

The selection will be launched on the 21st Dec 2022 and the selection list will be published on the 23rd of Dec 2022 on the DHERST website http://web.dherst.gov.pg. TESAS awardee list will be published at a later date in January 2023.

Thank you and all the best in your NOAS application.

NOAS Support Team